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1.  Finding & Connecting People and Organizations

Social Networks and Social Media

Duncan Work, Founder and Consultant, Social Catalysts Collaborative, Washington, DC
Greg Berry, Principal, Nuance Intelligence, Denver, CO

Network Weaving

June Holley, Network Weaver, Athens, OH
Valdis Krebs, Chief Scientist, OrgNet, Cleveland, OH

Social Network Analysis
& Mapping

Valdis Krebs, Chief Scientist, OrgNet, Cleveland, OH
June Holley, Network Weaver and Social Network Analyst, Athens, OH

Design & Development of Web 2.0 Sites & Applications

Ty Hallock, CEO, Top Floor Studio, Asheville, NC
Jason Mogus, CEO, Communicopia, Vancouver, CA

Featured Projects & Services

Meta Network Enhancement Projects

Facilitating Team Innovation & Decisions

 Blog Posts & Other Ideas

2.  Community, Coherence & Collaboration

Group process facilitation and training.
Community building
and dialogue
, finding solutions, planning, decision-making
Collaboration and coordination
Online communities
Collective intelligence

3.  Media & Marketing

Messaging & action campaigns
Media and marketing consulting

4.  Organizational Effectiveness

Venture planning, funding and strategy
Organizational development
Knowledge management
Business development consulting
Leadership training, coaching & development
Health and wellness programs