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Consulting Partners & Organizations

Duncan Work, Founder & Consultant, SocialCatalysts, Washington, DC
Design and implementation of projects and software for meta networks and collective intelligence.

June Holley, Network Weaver, NetworkWeaver.com, Athens, OH
Network mapping and analysis, network weaving, self-organizing communities

Michael Lewkowitz, Venturer, Igniter, Inc., London, ON
Change media, social media, social finance, clean tech, venture development

Duncan Holmes, President, ICA Associates, Toronto, ON
Community consultation; strategic planning; leadership development ; and organizational change.

Linda Bark, Founder and Director, AsOne Coaching Inst., Alameda, CA
Entrepreneur, Teacher of Holistic Coaching, Consultant to Holistic Centers, Life/Health/Business Coach

Valdis Krebs, OrgNet, Cleveland, OH
Social network analysis & mapping consulting and software.

Lisa Kimball, Director, Plexus Institute, Washington, DC
Organizational development, complexity theory and organizational change.

Greg Berry, Principal, nuance intelligence, Denver, CO
Digital media consulting,  entrepreneurship, sustainable business.

Kevin Johanson, EVP, The Business Catapult, Denver, CO
Provides tools, resources, and advice to entrepreneurs and investors.

Duncan Work, Consultant, Social Catalysts Collaborative
 Washington, DC

As the Founder and President of Net Deva, Inc., Duncan was a early pioneer in design of trusted social networking platforms for the Web.   From 2004 to 2007, he was Chief Scientist of LinkedIn, the leading social network Web service for professionals.  His current focus is on helping entrepreneurial organizations, and especially networks of organizations, make more effective use of professional social networks, social capital, social media, and collaborative technologies to achieve their goals.  In addition, he consults on strategic and business development issues as well as on design of collaborative software.    Prior to developing and promoting social media solutions, Duncan was a consultant on software design and applications for groups and associations; and prior to that he was engaged in international trade and international business consulting.  He holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Kansas, and an M.S. in Urban Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.   Duncan's blog is:  100 Trillion Connections

June Holley, Network Weaver and Consultant, Athens, Ohio

After twenty years as executive director of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (www.acenetworks.org), June stepped down to devote her energies to helping communities around the globe form Smart Networks by training and supporting Network Weavers. She helps clients use Smart Network Analyzer social network mapping software to understand and enhance their networks.

Her recent Smart Networks projects have involved communities, regions, statewide collaborations, healthcare and hospital systems, national learning and innovation networks, and large corporations.

For more information and links to her work, see her longer bio, and visit her widely-read blog:  http://www.networkweaver.blogspot.com/

Michael Lewkowitz, Venturer, Igniter, Incorporated
London, Ontario

Michael is an accomplished venture builder with over a decade of experience as founder, manager, professional investor, and advisor to emerging entities with a vision. He has served as a venture partner at an energy and efficiency finance company and has founded a non-profit organization and serveral private sector ventures.  He is currently focused on co-creating entities and initiatives in service of restoring balance among people and the planet and sits on the board of directors of Communicopia, Windfall Ecology Centre and the Ontario Community Power Fund. He is a proud father and lives with his family in London, Ontario.

Duncan Holmes, President, ICA Associates
Toronto, Ontario
Duncan has worked with a wide variety of groups around the world. His 33 years of experience with technologies of participation and motivation, and his ability to generate an atmosphere of trust enable him to bring groups to new levels of participation and innovation. As a consultant, he focuses on:  Community consultation; Strategic planning; Leadership development ; and Organizational Change.

Mr. Holmes holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Chemistry from Queen's University. He is chair of Ecologos Environmental Organization and past co-chair of the Association for Creative Change in Organizational Renewal and Development.   He is also a board member for ICA International, an NGO with UN consultancy status devoted to advancing human development in over 30 countries.

Linda Bark, PhD, RN, Consultant and Founder,
AsOne Coaching Inst.
  Alameda, CA

Linda is an entrepreneur, consultant to integrative wellness centers - from business planning through operations -- a teacher of holistic coaches, and a master coach for life, health, and business issues.   She is also an RN  with extensive experience in psychiatric, pediatric, geriatric, and general nursing; and has directed health care programs in assisted living centers and Alzheimer's units.  She has also studied Chinese medicine in China and has led several learning tours there.   Her PhD is from the California Institute of Integral Studies, focusing on integral approaches to healing that combine modern and ancient healting practices.  She has authored several books and articles on integrative healing, health care, and coaching, and has lectured and spoken at Medical and Law Schools and conventions.  She is now writing a book on holistic coaching.

Valdis Krebs, Chief Scientist & Founder, OrgNet.com
Cleveland, OH

Valdis is a management consultant, researcher, trainer, author, and the developer of InFlow software for social and organizational network analysis (SNA/ONA). Since 1987, he has participated in over 500 social network analysis projects for clients such as IBM Global Services, TRW, Raytheon, Boeing, Google, Annie E Casey Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and others.  Hundreds of independent consultants use his software and services to map and measure networks, flows, and relationships in organizations, communities, and other complex human systems.

Valdis is an often quoted expert on network analysis and network weaving in major media including Business Week, Discover Magazine, Business 2.0, New York Times Magazine, Fast Company, and many others.   Before starting his own business, he held various HRIS/HRMS management positions at Disney, TRW, Toyota, and Ford. Valdis works from his office in Cleveland, Ohio with a network of colleagues in the USA, Canada and Europe.    His two  blogs are Network Weaving and The Network Thinker

Lisa Kimball, Group Jazz, Washington, DC

Group Jazz supports the work of groups, whether they meet face-to-face, online, or both. We bring together the best tools, technologies, media, and people to produce great group experiences with powerful results.  Organizations like IBM, Hewlett Packard, Business 2.0, Warner Lambert, PBS, and Merck have applied Group Jazz's innovative approach and services.  Lisa was previously a founder and director of Caucus Systems, a company that produces virtual off-site meetings for major companies world-wide. As CEO with Metasystems Design Group, Lisa helped grow The Meta Network, which began in 1983 as an electronic community to support the thinking and work of a variety of individuals, teams, and organizations - it is the oldest online conferencing community still in operation today. 

Greg Berry, Principal, nuance intelligence, Denver, CO

Greg Berry is a digital media architect, social entrepreneur and good capitalist.  He is the CXO of the Business Catapult, which matches entrepreneurs and investors using a standards-based benchmarking process.  For twenty years, Greg has been using systems thinking to design and deploy digital (and analog) media projects in pursuit of collaboration and change in many different communities.  This work currently manifests at his website, nuance intelligence, which houses his digital media consultancy and blog.   Greg's current mission is building a simple measurement of sustainability that can used as a flexible framework to assess, and ultimately increase investment into sectors including venture philanthropy, social entrepreneurism and sustainable business.  Blog: nuance intelligence

Kevin Johansen, Executive VP, The Business Catapult
Denver, CO

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, a recognized innovator and author, and has served as a business development consultant and interim CEO to a number of early-stage high tech companies.  Business Catapult provides tools, resources and advice to help entrepreneurs assess and improve their business as an investment opportunity; and it helps investors find the business opportunities that best fit their interests while also assessing and minimizing risks.  Kevin is also a Director for the Capital Markets Group, and Founder of the Entrepreneurial Standards Forum.

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