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Ideas and Resources

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Meta Networks

Tools and Services for Meta Networks - A Social Business Proposal - slides

Meta Networks and Social Transformation - blog post by Duncan Work

Working Wikily - Stanford Social Innovation Review - Summer 2010
(tools and ways of thinking for using networks well)

Network Weaving

Smart Communities through Network Weaving  paper by Valdis Krebs & June Holley

Introduction to Network Weaving - for Economic Development  
slides by
June Holley

Weave Smarter Networks - with LinkedIn  blog post by Duncan Work
overview of Network Weaving paper by Valdis and June, and how to use LinkedIN to support network weaving. 

Network Weaving blog

The Network Thinker - Valdis' blog

Social Networks and Social Media:  For Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits

How to use LinkedIn to Find an Angel (Investor)   Duncan Work

Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn  Guy Kawasaki

Use LinkedIn Effectively  Chris Brogan

Outsmarting Facebook   Michael Gilbert

Twitter Literacy  Howard Rheingold

Social Media and Social Networks for Social Change  
Beth Kanter's blog

21st Century Economies

A Future Forward Workforce  
by Norma Owen & Rick Smyre

Communities of the Future

I-Open - Open Source Economic Development

Entrepreneur Assessment and Development

Entrepreneur Standards Forum and Benchmark Survey

Gottingen Synagog


“…we are living in the Golden Age of network theory, where sociology, math, computer science and software engineering are all combining to allow the average user to visualize, understand, and most importantly, rely on the social and business networks that are part of their lives."

Clay Shirky in Here Comes Everybody.

"Trust' is the short word that underlies successful transactions.  Because people trust one another, they agree to work together.  They make deals, undertake projects, set goals, and lend resources.  Conversely, business grinds to a halt when trust breaks down."
 Jessic Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps

“When people are better connected, they dream with greater courage, they share their assets with greater generosity, and they innovate with greater resourcefulness.”   Jack Richuitto

"'A basic tenet of almost all social capital theories is that a network is one of the most powerful assets that any individual can possess.  It provides access to power, information, knowledge, and to other networks-the totality of which provides a much better indicator of how 'well-off' one is than many more acknowledged sources of wealth or advantage."   Lawrence Prusack & Don Cook.

"Network mapping grew out of the conviction that work flow and information exchange is subterranean and therefore unmanaged at most companies.  The traditional organization chart fails to capture the complex web of informal interactions.  But network mapping reveals that work and information actually flow through a vast web of informal channels."    Valdis Krebs