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A catalyst optimizes transformations by increasing system intelligence and reducing energy required for change.

The Social Catalysts Collaborative is a group of independent and established consultants and their organizations.   

We work both separately and together to help make organizations, networks, and other social systems more intelligent:  better connected,  less fragmented, more adaptive, effective and productive.

Our vision is to fulfil the potential of networks and meta networks (networks of networks) to be better able to create solutions that work and that are widely supported by all stakeholders; and better able to  distribute ideas, resoucrces, and talent where they are most needed.

Our specialties include use of collaborative methods and tools, social media, and social networks, and other ways to increase effectiveness.

Our Specialties

Finding & Connecting People and Organizations.

Community, Coherence & Collaboration

Media & Marketing

Organizational Effectiveness

Featured Presentation

 .Tools and Services
for Meta Networks

This presentation gives an overview of the importance of meta networks, which are decentralized networks of networks based on shared values and goals.  

The presentation also summarizes some of the tools and methods that can make meta networks more visible, intelligent, and useful, including:

Here are some questions that we can help organizations and networks answer:

What makes organizations and networks smarter?

 Intelligent People.

This is fundamental but not enough by itself.

We have all seen some organizations that were at best average and where there were plenty of smart people, including at the top.  What more is needed?

Intelligent Connections

  In organizations and networks the intelligence is in the connections.

- Do we have the right mix of expertise, experience, styles, and perspectives?
- Do knowledge, ideas, and resources get to the right people at the right times?
- Who are the real connectors in our networks?
- Are our external networks rich and diverse enough to help us succeed?

Intelligent  Systems, Methods, Designs, Processes, Tools, Software 

How easily and well are people communicating and collaborating:  Thinking together, innovating, improvising, deliberating -- really understanding the problems and solutions, and each other?

- Are we using the best methods and tools?
- Are we asking the right questions?
- Are all the people needed participating?

To see the various ways that we can help, see this list of our Specialties.
  • lluminating hidden connections
  • Network Weaving
  • Facilitating inter-network collaborations.
  • New Web apps for managing and using trusted relationships.
for more information contact Duncan Work